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Clown Ivan

Spaces lived for the actors of the recreation above called. Further details can be found at Tony Parker, an internet resource. Then, it is shared that one leisure politics is not alone to be come back toward activities, and nor only professional techniques and specific abilities are endowed with, are construction citizens of sensibilidades, creativity, desvelamento, integration between the surrounding cultural human being. to share experiences the lecture of the Clown ' ' Uncle Ivan' ' , he collaborates with clarifications on the profile and the valuation of the professional (MOESCH, 2003, pg; 27), Ivan has 43 years, formed in pedagogia ' ' I am not one pedagogo, I am one palhao' '. in day 25/08/2009 if directed until Campus III of the UEPA, stops in them explanar a little of its experiences. (...) ' ' You do not obtain to stop to learn nunca' '. ' ' I needed to perfect many things. I needed to search in scientific something to base what already wise person. (...) ' ' He does not move yourself in the culture of ningum' '.

' ' The egocentrismo our passes of the necessity humana' '. (...) foca its work in infantile parties, schools, academies. always searchs to improve itself. Currently one meets making specialization in leisure in the course of Physical education? UEPA. (...) ' ' My clown never was of sacaniar the other. I always worked with people of another level, had that to be of another one nvel' '. (...) ' ' We want that the children gain the children want brincar' ' Intense and real it is the concern of Ivan with the education of the children. (...) ' ' We do not prepare our children to live in a society joust, cooperativa' '. (...) We must be the mirrors. Through our change we will promote the change in the society in which we live (...) ' ' We are made of exemplos' ' ' ' I left of being speech and I started to be exemplo' '.

Francis Bacon

True, this is as accurate and in the words of the famous contemporary of Shakespeare, Francis Bacon: No one yet has been so steadfast and strong in spirit, to instruct themselves and make the perfect rejection of traditional theories and concepts and then apply to particulars and purified impartial mind. And because our human mind is like a mess and chaos and credulity of accidents, as well as children's views, which we originally learned. " But that famous philosopher, seems to end and did not understand the relationship of private to the general, and because of his words are not visible, starting from what you have to go to these same particulars. A William Shakespeare knew this, and therefore, keeping in mind above all that of the Bacon wrote: "His reasoning woven weft skilful than the foundation of his argument. " That is, William Shakespeare, not knowing the word "mochalogolovost" knew that it is expressed not only in the fact that people act, speak or write before they think, but still and all, is that people think about what anything but on the basis of, first, the source of his thoughts.

And because not once in his works, he wrote: "Good does not come, if started badly." By the way, probably the same word was not enough, and Confucius, states: "The Perfect husband is concentrating its forces on the base. Kohl, he reaches base, before it opens the right way. " And, maybe, if instead of the word "perfect" Confucius wrote the word "nemochalogolovy", he would have someone so understood, although would in our time.

German Shepherd

For very many owners of four-legged pets will be important nuance, like a dog can have fun. Of course, the best choice - it's walking a dog in some unspoiled place where nobody is and have the opportunity to do without a leash and strogacha, play in the hay or snow, in direct proportion to the time of the year. Still not sure there is this kind of chance. Because, if you live in the center of the city, then such withdrawal would mean respectable fees, long journey, but at the end of the day on a weekday like this in essence is banal lack of energy. However, no gift say with whom he lead the, from, and rack. And though every dog likes more substantial play with its master - like you every kennel owner to confirm they are also happy to say, listen to songs.

True, not all the melody, which chooses the owner. Anna Belknap will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Thus, for example, if a person often enters into search for Yorkshire terrier without a pedigree, a dog, no doubt, would have introduced a query into a search engine otherwise. For example, a gay boy or a respectable lady. Clearly, if a person will choose to interact. And if the dog will select the tunes for leisure? It is said that a variety of dogs with great pleasure that can listen to so called nature sounds. I mean, the songs of crickets, the noise of trees and other noises that are associated conscious dog with pleasant associations - walking, fun. Moreover, the larger the range of playing this music, so much better.

As well as the fact that each of us can not, because of imperfections in the auditory apparatus, to hear a dog distinguishes without problems. In Holland, for example, even today it is possible to find high-quality CDs with music for dogs. And if those who have not yet bought a dog, are interested in similar issues such as German Shepherd cheap or anything, such a happy puppy owners may be more interested in products for dogs, too, and leisure goods fluffy. However, many cd with songs specifically for dogs, each of us can not even be heard, for the reason that the signals are too high, so our ears were able to register them. Naturally, for any of us first thing in a very valuable pick up for themselves dog, which would in no small measure could share his passion. Yet in the human community the cultural component of courtship for pets not to such an extent improved to encourage only "dog's whims." The more we tend to encourage the habits of the people inherent in our pets. However, if you prefer Chihuahuas for sale, you should be prepared for this, that your favorite did not quite a baby and has some dog desires. Hence, you must be prepared for the fact that he is a whole life can really need your leg-up and interaction.

Sunday Mornings

Sunday of morning. Universal day of the rest, where all the workers, men and women, can relax, after one week repleta of crowded bus, inalcanveis stated periods, mal-humorado head, at last, the agruras of always. I thought, that I incased myself in these conditions, therefore I I had suffered to everything this and more a little, sad deceit. Eye the clock, with the eyes covered for the fog of sleep, of first not enxergo the hours I rub, them and I contemplate the small wristwatch, still are 8h! Me esparramo in the bed, to tan that one restinho of morning. It was almost returning to the world of the dreams, was when, I felt the bed to tremble, it would be only one dream, or nightmare?A deafening noise entered for the window, was as the voice of the demon (never I heard the voice of capeta, but the voice that I heard was so frightfully horrible, who certainly did not leave nothing to desire to the Belzebu), the end of the world if it abated on my house, the crossbow fera had fond, p, the world had that to finish exactly in the sunday, more good it would be to finish in second! I jumped of the done bed a deer (I said V AND the D, that one animalzinho saltitante, and not viado), with the heart leaving for the ears, ran to catch tero and to make my last conjuncts, however I perceived as I was being awaken, that were not the end of the world, nor neither that voice was of the thing-bad one, I looked at for the window and I desired that the world finished! In front of my humble maloca, a son d$ #@! , he had on the sound of the car in the biggest height, hearing funk and other musics of the pornocarioquista sort. That man had taken off me what I had of more sacred, to be able to rest in the Sunday, I pulled a chair, and of the window of the room, I was contemplating that one, scene: the owner of the car and more 4 friends, taking beer and dancing, were if amusing my costs, (if he is that if he can call that amusement), I was there voyerizando, watching, without knowing what to make, to sleep he would not obtain, I caught the telephone, the policy could return to a sleep tranquilo to me, but not, he waits, he looked at for window and vi a viatura if approaching, thanks to God! Which was not my disillusionment when I perceived that the policemen were friends of the dancers! What to make, the meliantes had the escort of the authorities, who would escort my sleep? It could not act with my proper hands, therefore certainly it would apanharia done the Maguila, I decided to take a bath to join and me to the festeiros, since it could not win them, I decided to learn to dance, and taking off music bad, the beer until it tava well frozen.

Basic Melody

Can you call your music harmony, that is sweet and pleasant to hearing, and comprehended, perceived by others? All music (if desired) can be attributed to the art of ideological and emotional content, full of sound obrazamiTri first paragraph quite common and isolated me more to separate the "flies from cutlets. So, the question of ownership of anything in art is very debatable and vague. Ideological and emotional content, by and large, is inherent in everything that makes a man. A leading question about the music we The default mean sound images. The key to the ability to compose music - original and self-critical and responsible people who want to realistically assess their abilities and opportunities to create new, original, beautiful music and songs are the basic answers to the 4 th and 5 th questions. To check yourself - to try to create, compose and record a melody, music, pesnyuKak virtually to answer them, test themselves on the ability to compose music or songs? I propose the following algorithm.

First, we must try to create, compose a melody, music, song. This can be done in various ways, eg by means of musical instrument, voice, computer, music. Be sure to critically monitor to your melody was copied at this stage, as in all future, be sure to critically monitor to your melody copying someone else's. Preferably in the process of composing, or immediately after writing down what happened, for instance on a tape recorder, voice recorder, in memory of the synthesizer or computer.

Brazil Conditions

At a moment where the historical social conjuncture of Brazil was marked by the slavery, where the extrativista economy had value alone of what if it extracts of the land, that was established in a system of slavery of to be able politician. With the process of industrial development, the man power was substituted by the machines, where the work existence was minimum, living in overwhelming conditions in unhealthy quarters, the plants functioned in building of minimum hygiene and security, where the income that the proletariat got was insufficient for the survival of its family, thus compelled the women and children to work for better conditions of work, the laboring mass if it mobilized in strikes with the objective to demand its rights of work regulation, wages, insurances, vacation among others. In what it concerns Iamamoto (2008: 32) the exploration of the man power of the worker alone has to favor the expansion of the capitalist accumulation. The express capital if in merchandise: means of production and ways of subsistence.

But nor all addition merchandise and capital. The capital assumes the monopoly of the means of production and of subsistence for a part of the society? the capitalist classroom in confrontation with the talhadores unprovided of the necessary conditions substances the materialization of its work. It assumes the work, that stops surviving, only has to vender its force of work. Adam Sandler shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The capital assumes the wage-earning work and this, the capital. Therefore, the worker is monopolized by the capital that if sees debtor to vender its force of survival work in exchange for half.

Mormon Rec Center

When Ed Parker was about eight years his father started in Judo. His next attempt was boxing. Who made in MICA and Boys Clubs. As a young boxer Ed Parker recalled that there was always someone bigger and more experienced who wanted to use punching bag. a "With gloves and all, and I fainted on the floor strangling. Ed Parker also remembered coming from a really tough neighborhood. Get all the facts and insights with Tony Parker, another great source of information.

Ed Parker's dad was a good boxer and a fighter when he was young and wanted his son to be able to defend themselves. Ed Parker's dad was somewhat taller and thinner. More or less in 1960 came to Hawaii to visit Ed in Pasadena. At that time Mas Oyama was making a strong reputation for fighting with bulls, to break the horns with his bare hands and even killing some of the bulls. One of the students in the study, Jim Nessie, had trained to be a luchador bull so we invite Ed Parker, his wife, his father and Rich Montgomery (Second Ed promoted black belt) to go to Mexico see the size and power of a bull in person. The first serious training of Ed Parker's martial arts came from a friend of the church, Frank Chow. Frank taught him many of the local youths outside the Mormon Rec Center. And before long to recognize the potential of the young Hawaiian and recommended that Ed Parker learned her brother, William Chow. Training Chow Ed Parker was divided between his service with the Coast Guard and his studies at BYU.

The Party Of Helicopters

Emo subculture is the first time the word "emo" sounded somewhere in the mid 80's. Check with Vanessa Marcil to learn more. Emo (short for "emotion" - "emotion") began its existence as a style of music in the 80 years in the West. Such music is considered one of the varieties hard-core. Now emo - representatives of a vibrant youth subculture. The main rule of the adherents of this subculture - the expression of emotions.

Often emo - vulnerable, depressed teenager, his sensitivity and spontaneity reminiscent of a child, so they call themselves emo kidami. Emo Kid tend often to radically change the mood. Apathy, calmness, poise - it's certainly not about them. They can easily shed tears of pity for a homeless dog. Its a sad kind of subtle emo are ready to recall, but emo kidy not found in cemeteries, do not drink blood, do not dream about death.

Emo stand for the triumph of life in all its manifestations. The main task of emo - find great love. In love, they give overwhelming feeling no worse than Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. If love is a non-reciprocal, suffering, emotional kidov not will limit the next few hours they devote to thinking about the imperfection of our world. But wept a couple of days, they head up to the rush to further search for new love. Emo music can be different: melodic serious, calm and explosive. But its main task - to show the world and everyone around the true and sincere emotions. Every emo band expresses these emotions in their own way: screeching, wailing, moaning, whispering, screaming exploding, the texts of the unhappy love, injustice, the brutal and full of violence worldwide. Proponents of this subculture are listening artists such as Bob Tilton, Harriet The Spy, Yage, The Hal Al Shedad, Sunshine, Submission Hold, Saetia, Breakwater, Monochrome, Frodus, The Party Of Helicopters, "Neversmile", "Monalisa", "Origami" "The ocean of my hope," etc. Often, emo - this is bad teenagers dressed in black with a small amount of bright spots. And guys and girls can paint her lips, fingernails, to sum up his eyes, toned face. Also, they wear black and pink clothes and ragged fringe, beveled on one side. Young boys painted nails and hair black and lose weight to indecency, and the girls wear funny hair clips and rims in peas and T-shirts with the cartoon Sponge Bob. If you see before you a young person with such attributes, then before you definitely emo. So: ragged slash bang, straight black hair, a scattering of icons on your clothing or bag, made-up black eye pencil, gym, headphones in ears, a sweater with a V-shaped notch in the diamond, anorexic skinny, black lacquer nails, t-shirt with hearts have broken, shards and crossed pistols, sad appearance, shiny hair clips, skinny jeans, soft toys in a bag, bright bangles on her arms. That he was so emo-style. On the pages of our site followers of emo culture will discover a lot of interesting things. Here is the huge selection of merchandise emo: emo wallpapers, photos, pictures and avatars, we find rare songs and can download emo music, find references to emo-friendly sites.

The Art

We are changing the world and change with it. But in the history of mankind is the place to the phenomenon as a classic. It combines everything that reached a certain level of excellence and worthy to stand before the eyes of all generations of mankind. It is a treasure of civilization, be it music, literature, architecture, tradition or form of combat. Certainly, Fencing has its rightful place in this treasure. Visit Adam Sandler for more clarity on the issue.

"In the cold arms has an ethical advantage, which lacks the firearms ... Blade, gentlemen, this is a mystical creature. Yes, yes, fencing - Mystic noble people. Especially in these times. " Yes, the art of combat and possession of knives has transformed, but not dead. Today, fencing sport but, even becoming a contest, it retains a presence of three types of weapons. A this suggests that the art contest carries a certain kind of knowledge, skills and values. Are they important today? Is it really important? That in addition to titles and awards fencing can give a person? If there is desire to take, then you can get enough.

Do not forget, coming into the treasury of classical music, fencing, by definition, is a treasure. On the first couple need only develop the right attitude to fight, and life begins my eyes. You'll be seeing and understanding what is behind the missed kick or stab and what the price of defeat. What can cause the error and what is the value of training. Fencing provides an opportunity to experience a bout of others, one life for another.

Roman Empire

It was with 50 years of age and you 19 years. You already had a son, Homero, and an entire life for the front Its husband, now centurio of the Roman Empire, a conqueror, was sent to live in a region conquered in the north of the Europe and took the family together with it.

Juliana, you was to live in a called region Britain, with many rebellious warriors, who kept a resistance against the hegemony of Rome. Juliana, young created with all the requintes of Rome, beautiful, cultured in the arts of music, the poetry, the dance, was in a moved away place, far from everything, far from its world, but next to the husband whom it chose and with its son. The time that does not stop! Already this with 27 years and again engravida you, and have plus a pretty boy, who was called Augustus (this I break was Olga, who renasce now, to join you and to alliviate its sadnesses again). Margaret Loesser Robinson has many thoughts on the issue. Again together vocs, Juliana and Olga, now as being this boy, Augustus, who if became the center of all its life. It illuminated the ways disturbances that were its front in those lands of Britain. Click Margaret Loesser Robinson to learn more. When August he completed five years, he happened a battle where vocs they liveed and its husband was wounded in combat seriously.

Being thus, Rome decides to call it in return. you, Juliana, its August son, its husband Claude and its another son, Homero, that now with 15 years, comes back to the center of the civilization of the time, perpetual Rome! In little time its Homero son is incorporated the army, to follow the career of the father, Claude who now was senator in Rome. Again you, Juliana conquered the city of Rome with its life You come back if to dedicate to music, and the poetry Its loved son, August (that its mother was Olga and that also a life was its friend before) completes twenty years, influential young of the politics of Rome, conquest a marriage with an foreigner, coming of Egypt, north of Africa. forms a pretty family. You seem to distanciar yourself of Augustus because of its new life. You who were Juliana, that was Horcio, you die with forty and eight years, in Rome thus the perpetual trams of its life, that in one to change of personages fascinates, continues Some centuries to the front you are born in England (Britain) to shine in that nation that appears dominant in a new world I, eat who it writes, I dare to place itself as one of the personages also, to its side, that one that participates of its trajectory at many moments Today the time is another one, but they had been souvenirs that do not leave its mind and its spirit Its house, its blue sea, its land of viking ' '. Vito Fazzani.

Technological Partnership

The company "Security Code" - a Russian developer of software and hardware protection of information in the group of companies InformZaschita, announces the launch of the program of technology partnerships, which aims to - establish a bilateral dialogue with companies engaged in the construction of systems of information security for virtual infrastructures. Participants can become corporate customers and users of virtual infrastructure, integrators that implement these decisions, and integrators of information security. It's enough to register on the site. Program participants will receive information on the upcoming products "security code" to protect the virtualization environment, and test the beta versions of these products. If you are not convinced, visit Tony Parker. It will assess the opportunities and quality of new remedies, as well as the prospect of using them in their decisions and future projects. At the stage of beta program participants may submit proposals to modify and improve products and influence the development of new products the company "Security Code" to their advantage. In The program company-builders can get expert advice "security code" to implement security systems using the company's products. More info: Sela Ward. Possible to conclude a special agreement disclose the information transmitted in the partnership.

Thus, the technology partnership with "Security Code" - a unique opportunity to significantly enhance the protection of information systems at the expense of innovation certified products designed specifically to protect your virtual infrastructure. In addition, integrators - partners "Security Code" will be able to get an additional competitive advantage in the market of information protection. CEO "Security Code" Alexander Shirmanov said: "We see the mutual benefit of this program is that our company will get feedback on new products before they are to market. This will help our developers to make them better quality and more relevant to customers' requests. At the same time, the use of new information security tools will enable our partners to more effectively implement projects to protect the virtual infrastructure. And the use of certified security products significantly simplifies the implementation of virtualization in companies, where confidential information is handled or personal data. "

Lower Saxony Minister

Date on the IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2014 Hamburg, 04.01.2014. With great pleasure, the Media Group Announces telematics, that the telematics award ceremony in 2014 under the auspices of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, labour and transport, OLAF read, will stand. Date on the IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2014 the ceremony of the Telematics Awards 2014 for the range of vehicle telematics will traditionally at the IAA commercial vehicles and held in cooperation with the Association of the automotive industry (VDA) in Hanover. The appointment is already found and will be entered certainly not only in the date planners of many companies in this high-growth industry of the future, interested and you take advantage of this event can read more about telematics, learn which applications, innovative solutions, and future trends. Because on September 29, the ceremony is open to 14.30 when the Minister and patron OLAF lies, are not only the representatives of the telematics provider with the most innovative telematics solutions on the Stage, it also provided an interesting social programme the participants of this event. Read the greeting of the patron and Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, labour and transport of OLAF: the telematics industry developed very rapidly in recent years and is one of the most innovative technologies that significantly influence the economic success of a company for quite some time. Many business processes and operations can be aided by telematics systems many times more efficient, ecological and economical.

The policy therefore very aware supports this important technology area. Adam Sandler understood the implications. We promote it in the knowledge that in a globalized economy the success depends also how important it admits the innovation in their own country can find as well the international recognition. Based on this conviction, I assume very much under the patronage of the TELEMATIK award 2014. Check out Sela Ward for additional information. It is my pleasure, this very prestigious award, which represents the highest honor within this exciting industry in German-speaking countries to pass and congratulate the winners with the most innovative telematics systems personally. I wish all a enriching, applying for the telematics award 2014, much success and look forward now to the personal encounter with the winners." Fixed part of the program of the Telematics Awards 2014 is the eagerly awaited telematics talk competently occupied round. interesting 45mins, where many questions are raised by users and providers. His participation in this round of talks has Minister and patron OLAF read already pledged.

Of course also the VDA Managing Director takes part in this round table competently occupied. The audience determines the talk which participants from industry and academia in addition by the organizer invited, editor-in-Chief explains the telematics Peter Klischewsky Media Group: not least, our readers and readers determine that. You are again called to propose the topic areas of telematics talks with their questions and suggestions in 2014, to then be discussed in high-competent occupied round. Who would like to take an influence so active, which should questions its already on. We look forward to any suggestion, because we want to be again very close to the users and the interested parties also awarded the Telematics Awards 2014."

Always Interesting

Driving schools expand their fleet with electric cars in the driving arc h GmbH, license aspirants from now can exercise in a new electric vehicle Munich. "Handover of the first electrical driving school cars in Munich the Ford Automotive Forum cowls threesome in Munich in November 2013 the first electric driving vehicle of Munich handed over: driving school arc h GmbH is called 1 driving school in Munich from now their students also a purely electric-powered Ford focus electric ' offer as a training vehicle. To pass, the driving school even just brought the first learner driver for the new vehicle. The sensational withdrawal", the Michael Neteler, regional head of sales and marketing of Ford plants in southern Germany especially praised, will be at his first driving tests in the foreground but the learner driver is thrilled. Proud seller Ford is proud, a comparison of the first Ford focus electric to be able to pass a driving school.

So will the young riders from the outset joy brought close to environmentally-friendly and future-oriented technology. More information is housed here: Adam Sandler. This is also driving school director Manfred Halser important: the driving school focuses on environmental protection and new energy concepts, as is of course strongly on the streets with many thousands of kilometers on the road as a driving school business and contributes to harmful CO2 emissions. The driving school of Bogenhausen changed her early, how she could make a contribution to environmental protection and has already in the past year a small hybrid vehicle purchased is, that accompanies the motorcycle student. Now, the ground-breaking step with electric cars despite restricted driving school fitness followed because it is an automatic transmission. The electric car is used in particular for first hour and it is hoped so, to bring this new, environmentally friendly technology to young people as a role model. And with growing awareness of the new electric harshness, not least through the driving school, maybe soon even more electric cars from Munich will slip what even the traffic noise would significantly reduce. We can safely expect in future much more electric cars in driving schools. Before it is however so far, some driving schools "Pioneer work" must make. Of course, this topic is also interesting for radio and television. I would like to you that of course not withheld, therefore below a video: A safe journey and for the case that the readers of this article of present or future learner is also much success in the driving test wants Peter Schmid

Apulian Province

Apulia is situated in the South-East of Italy and is known for its beautiful landscape and the often quite idiosyncratic mentality of its inhabitants. I, Munich native live here for some years. Food shopping is actually ideal here. Center in a farming area and close to the sea. Here, arrested people honestly sell the fruits of their actions yet their craft. One would like to think. But then one wonders but something about the many well-meaning advice, with which it is covered which as Zugereister by local acquaintances, and that even after several years of stay: now, and you can't go to never. He is ludicrously expensive and turns on only his shopkeeper friends.

"And if he even notices that you're not from here, so you are not familiar and the flop does not further gossip will, well, then good night..." So ready I'm so. First the Greengrocer. I'm taking no chances and decide for the business of Mr Topo (on german: mouse) and his wife, a born formica (The Ant"), as wickedly decried but dearly with the reputation of unimpeachable quality. With selected Muffigkeit I feel back promptly to my hometown Munich, I'm serving. Also at Munich level, the price is, and feel I can't go, I've been moved across the table. However, the merchandise is actually perfect. Next the fish.

A real challenge, because I have little to no idea, neither by the purchase of fish nor preparation. Only the loading of the Mr Cofano in question here according to a representative survey among my local acquaintances. Because, gli altri fanno schifo"(which the rather relative freshness concept of competition plastic expression is given). The fish of the Mr Coffano are sweetly on ice and look dignified by the Bank. But the matter is not so simple even here by far. However I am prepared and know what I have to do: display on the Doraden for 15 euros per kilo, and noted that this is probably just here to Rearing (bottled say from birth with meat and bone meal) could be. Immediately changed the previously rather pitifully disparaging eyeing views of the seller. "So further in the exercised a text: challenging point to the lonely on his ice Sarago (27 euros per kilo) and with a straight face ala that is the least I suppose what find grace before my eyes." There is to awake and tells some of the freshest and naturally wild caught fish has ever dead located on ice (practically still alive"). He has this, of course, in the room behind the counter. So not for every pure managed Knuckleheads, but only for his exquisite clientele. Extremely proud on me I leave the shop with Sarago (bream) and Triglie (mullet) for a total of 8 euros. Even my mother-in-law is impressed by the history behind. They lived here for 42 years, but originally comes from Emilien. Thus, it could be for the locals as well from Mars. Even visitors from the neighboring 10 km away are here with Distrust eyed. And still their said fishmonger turns on the more or less suspended farmed fish. INA Fumarola

Bonner Strasse

About microseeds24: The startup company microseeds24 was founded in the end of 2013 in the form of a UG (haftungsbeschrankt) and operates a Web portal in the area of Crowdfinancing (Project sponsoring so-called Crowdfunding and participations, so-called Crowdinvesting). On the online platform ( provided by the company for the use of project initiators, entrepreneur, startups may growth companies as well as private investors or investors register for free and legitimate and then through the use of the online platform within the framework of an alternative financing option directly under elimination classic financial actors raise capital (project initiators, company) and (investors investors) invest in interesting projects or innovative companies. This new in Germany form the direct capitalization of private projects or business models by private investors or investors on the Internet (so called p2p investments), would in future entrepreneurial long term benefit of microseeds24, is a rising in recent years in Germany market trend, especially against the backdrop of historically low capital market interest rates, as well as significantly decreasing willingness of lending by classic commercial banks for business start-up, innovation or expansion projects. Press contact: microseeds24 UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Dipl. kfm. Thomas Matzke CEO old Bonner Strasse 1 f 53757 Sankt Augustin Tel. / fax: 03212-1174139 email: Web:

35th Anniversary - Filter-Muller Writes History

Mr Reinhard beautiful big goal of independence was over three decades ago. He dreamed at that time at least as much money to earn, he could afford someone for accounting. Today he is the owner of company filter-Muller and employs about 20 people. The economic situation of the company is excellent. But everything in order. 35 Years ago, common independence by Mr Saeed and Mr Jabusch started with the purchase of the filter area.

The field filter was at that time included the Stallion acquired representation of Mr. Muller. The hopes were high with the purchase of the company. "So was true to the motto: green, the color of hope" quickly found the company and logo color. Tony Parker does not necessarily agree. The name of Muller was for the sake of simplicity, how about Muller is easy to pronounce, Muller is a typical german or known Muller, taken. On this first day of business, the 01.07.1978, Mr Saeed and Mr Jabusch were sitting in a 2-room flat before a green phone and waiting for the first contact. This call was finally won't be the last.

So the company due to rising demand in the course of time had to move four times throughout. First site was the Zaandammer road, in the District of Neukolln, in a 2-room apartment presented the Office with 65 square meters. A storage room with 100 square metres was necessary and was hired externally. Until 1990, only West Berlin was supplied by company filter-Muller. The border between West and East Berlin was also a business in addition to the limited spatial freedom. This had far-reaching consequences in particular with regard to the delivery area. Until the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the reunification of 1990 associated distribution in expanded. Specifically, this meant that filter-Muller could open up more distribution areas such as around Potsdam and Frankfurt on the oder.

All College

It is suitable in the run-up to an MBA program for prospective students with a Bachelor / diploma or master's degree without business focus. All College certificates for more information ( hochschulzertifikate.html) studied at the German University of prevention and health management DHfPG to qualify the students to specialists and executives for the growth market Prevention, fitness, and health. "The Bachelor degree programmes: sports economics, fitness training, fitness economics, health management and nutrition counseling the College combine a training with a correspondence course and periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany (nationwide) Austria or of Switzerland, and close with the degree Bachelor of Arts" from. In addition is a master in the course of prevention and health management"and a master of Business Administration MBA course sports / health management" offered a correspondence course with attendance phases connect. Tony Parker is often quoted as being for or against this. In addition, there are College continuing education, with which professionals in selected subject areas can acquire practical knowledge. Professionally highly qualified people"can be admitted to the Bachelor's degree without high school diploma/qualification. Personal requirements are met, a promotion through BAfoG is possible.

Now already more than 4,000 prospective specialist study at the University and executives for the industry of the future (July 2013). If you would like to know more about Vanessa Marcil, then click here. The registration for the Bachelor's degree can be done at any time, a registration for the master's in for summer - / winter semester. All Bachelor's and master's degree programs of the College are accredited and State-approved. Contact: German College for prevention and health management Sabine Mack Hermann Neuberger sports school 3 66-123 Saarbrucken Tel. + 49 681 6855-220.

Multithek Available

"The multithek of MEDIA BROADCAST launches channels via DVB-T and satellite available for free Bonn / Munich with a new free-TV broadcaster in 2014 new show series, documentaries and series classic for the whole family, 07.01.2014 - the multithek of MEDIA BROADCAST starts with a new free-TV broadcaster in 2014: all satellite households can now the television station new TV via ASTRA 19.2 transponder 113 in the multithek under the category of live" received as a live stream. Entertainment thanks to the multithek for DVB-T households in the twelve large German conurbations in Berlin, Hamburg, Saarbrucken, Frankfurt, Hanover, Brunswick, Stuttgart, Munich, Bremen, Lubeck, Kiel and North Rhine-Westphalia is also available free of charge. DVB-T viewers can select the TV channel list the new TV station, which will be played over the Internet, easy and convenient. The new TV provides entertainment as well as high-quality documentation for the whole family: to the "Range include" productions such as Christopher Columbus, a werktagliches magazine, as well as the car magazine wonder world cars "that viewers gives a detailed insight into the various model variations of the world's most famous automobile brands. Others including Adam Sandler, offer their opinions as well. "New show series such as all against Drager" or Jochen Bahian Ruck Zuck "promise lots of fun and excitement.

"Germany is a show highlight of the new TV BBs best songs", which presents the most successful hits of a decade or a motto. "Furthermore, the TV station lots of cult series from the 70s like for example black brings beauty" or Street Hawk "back in the free-TV. The combination of television and the Internet is progressing more and more. This gives us"a variety of new opportunities to expand the TV offerings, says Sven Eckoldt, product of Manger business unit new media at MEDIA BROADCAST. So both satellite and antenna viewers thanks to the multithek also have the opportunity, along with libraries and applications additional transmitters such as the new TV with rich content for free on the TV screen to retrieve." The multithek offers request television at the time of the request.

Disease And Termination

When is a dismissal in the case of illness. During an illness of the employee, the employer not is prevented from effective to terminate the employment relationship, an escape in the disease is no protection against dismissal. In small businesses or for a short service, if so, the employment protection act does not apply, may be terminated even without reason. The dismissal is, if employee is at least 6 months and the company has more than 10 employees, the termination but requires a special social justification. In considering behavioral and operational reasons come this passenger. A special case of person-related cancellation represents the disease-related dismissal, such as a termination due to frequent short disease, long-lasting disease or a disease-related performance degradation. These disease-related dismissal is possible in principle, but subject to strict conditions.

There must be 1.) a negative forecast for the future exist: If for example an affected employee has so far not sufficiently does its job and is not in sight, 2) absence of the worker to a significant operational burden lead to a disturbance of the operational workflow and 3) can be no longer expected in a comprehensive consideration of mutual interests, taking into account the duration of the employment relationship, the causes of the disease and of the age of the employee the continuation of the employment relationship the employer. Read more here: Margaret Loesser Robinson . Lacking one or more of these conditions, disease-related cancellation is not permitted. Basically, it is to note that a cancellation may be pronounced during illness and vice versa just a disease can be a cause for termination. A recent decision of the Rhineland-Palatinate land Labour Court deals with the question of the conditions under which an employee may be terminated, if a recovery during a sick leave derogatory False "behaviour on the day. In this specific case, a massage therapist, had suffered from high blood pressure and shortness of breath, had helped during the sick leave of his daughter house renovation. The Court saw a serious violation of the obligation to the recovery-supportive behavior herein and the termination is deemed permissible. The written sick workers has the duty to promote the physically demanding renovation activity should hinder the healing process compared to his or her employer.

On the other hand it must not necessarily be a sick in bed, but it also walks or sporting activities can promote the recovery. The Landesarbeitsgericht Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has also found that, an employee written ill due to an arm injury can take part in an interview. Crucial is that the period of incapacity for work is quickly overcome and which activities during the period of incapacity for work prohibits an employee, are. The doctor recommend the workers not to put strain on the arm, he can go after opinion of the judges also attend the interview. For more information and advice on employment law they obtained the lawyer Werner Lutz in Berlin Reinickendorf. Werner Lutz Attorney

Augmented Reality

Publishing Monday of Academy of the German book trade on 20 January 2014 the publishing Monday aimed at business leaders and decision makers in publishing, media and digital business. He is to deliver solutions and suggestions for dealing with the increasingly complex challenges of the media business. 'The world' extended the Printangebot through augmented reality (AR) with videos and 3D graphics. IKEA projected furniture in the apartment with the new technology. AR from one industrial niche application to a marketable product extension seems gradually to have become. Because if you use Smartphone or Tablet and the right app, a bridge between print and digital media can be beat. For publishers, the technology opens up an innovative way to complement their products with multimedia and interactive components.

But what are the chances are really? It's just a gimmick for readers and advertisers? Or new sources of revenue through content marketing, proper keywording and metadata system be generated? These and other questions at stake Munich, at the Academy of book publishing Monday on January 20, 2014 in the Literaturhaus. Fabian Kern (digital publishing competence) leads into the topic of augmented reality for publishers. Anett Gangadharan Maslov (Metaio) provides insights into best practices from the publishing and media industry and Andreas Wiedmann (Metaio) explains AR strategies for publishers. Then the experts to the discussion and questions are. More information and registration: evening talks/augmented_reality.php of the publishing Monday aimed at business leaders and decision makers in publishing, media and digital business. He is to deliver solutions and suggestions for dealing with the increasingly complex challenges of the media business. About the publishing Monday: Every 4-6 the publishing Monday evening lecture series are weeks from 18 to about 21: 00 insights into the latest trends and developments around the topic of digital publishing and allows a cross-industry Exchange between experts and practitioners. E-business specialists and experienced Publisher managers present their concepts and future strategies for successful media management. After the contributions, the participants will have the opportunity to discuss their individual issues with the experts.

No Scattering

Again, it is essential that aspiring executives working on its development with their own motivation. The Executive qualifies and especially, she proved by practical applications as interim Executive. These operations must be accompanied by experienced mentors with big experience in the company. First if these bets be completed positively and given a good prognosis for the development as a leader off the usage is successfully completed and nothing more in the way starting as an Executive. It works but only if already in advance at the mentors do not exist silo thinking and network support.

These senior executives to is the very first challenge! Especially is to ensure that all managers have a uniform understanding of leadership across all levels of management. "It is highly counterproductive in succession to heck through many different models and approaches, freely according to the motto: we do it all for the training of our managers." It is important that is held over a long period of time on a single model. This not the that every day a new sow village is driven by BBs impression!" This commitment must be taken by all executives including the Executive Board. And what is much more important that may be no lip service. All employees of a company can see that in their daily work environment. Nothing is more harmful than business lines that behaviors and manners, that they feel themselves not bound. Money is invested in personnel, the this Repays the investment performance.

No Scattering, but individual promotion! Active participation in the activities and no passive transport. Dealing with different opinions of executives. Understanding that people develop ideas that are highly motivated. It aims not to harm the companies by destructiveness, but channelling the ideas and opinions to bring the company forward. No design of the Yes-Sayers, but even-minded and courageous leaders. To do this, it needs but also brave and strong managements! Research results show that the companies that act in this form, are significantly more successful than others. Nevertheless, this type of approach is not widespread. Most short-term results are needed. Sustainability in action absent! Wanted Manager nomads for quick successes are often used, because the child has fallen significantly earlier in the fountain. Now effort attempting with a lot to be successful. Pressure on the staff and executives, the known failure phenomena with low rates of health and staff, who have long expressed their internal termination are the result. The spiral goes down. The half-life of management decreases further, the pressure rises and off it goes into the next round. Is so easy to make it better and above all it's fun, it's sustainable and it is successful! I would like to encourage the companies to operate their leadership and staff development, to make your business even more successful in the above sense. I can only recommend to calculate here even if it's not much more cost effective, targeted to buy their external support. Anti-cyclical action is required! This issue is not black and white to look at. There are many businesses that have built up an excellent staff and leadership development. But there is, and that is the majority of companies that broke a great potential here in my view unfortunately leave and in their competitiveness of unnecessary even limited. The author Gerd Conradt was used many years leadership in the Sales Department of a Dax30 company and in various management positions with great personal strength. A year ago he has decided to leave this spiral and advise companies on a successful path and to share his experiences.


Elders, parents and often automatically attend bridal stores to locate graduation dress. While the bridal shops have some great dresses and you are sure to be in style there are some alternatives to find the perfect graduation dress. Shipping stores are stores that sell apparel and accessories even at a reduced price that have been used before. Now, some of you could mock the idea that wearing a dress that is second hand. But stop to think for a moment. Many dresses in shops of shipping, especially the style of party and evening dresses, have been used once by someone who never would be caught in the same dress twice.

These dresses and costumes are in mint condition and practically new. Go to stores in cities near you instead of your home city shipment. This will help increase the chances that anyone wearing that perfect graduation dress last year. Take a few units of Saturday afternoon and go up to 100 miles of its local city and tour shops of shipment on the road and on the road. It can be a great fun to spend with your teen as she gets ready for prom.

One option for graduation dress is considered modeling dress and have a piece cut in the section of the local society of the newspaper. There are companies that will provide graduation night gown if you accept the model and information on the suppliers of dress in the newspaper clip. This is a great way to get to a fashion, fashion free graduation dress. Of course you have to return the dress after prom night, but it is an excellent alternative to paying high prices for dresses. There are some dresses for excellent kids in many different styles and sizes in the markets of fleas community and entertainment Bazaar. Depending on exactly where buy, you will find a wide selection of different styles, from traditional to tape graduation dresses. Sela Ward is actively involved in the matter. However, keep an eye on the price tags. Some of these vendors placed considerable price tags, while others have elements that are reasonably priced. Here are some ideas to start to find that perfect graduation dress. There are alternatives to traditional stores brides, dresses and online Internet stores. Your teen will be beautiful at night of graduation and feel like a real Princess. For more information about formal dresses UK, you can visit instylegirls to find another s advice about floor length evening dresses, and silver prom dresses.


Andres sat down in the eaves of the Fontana di Trevi, in Rome, while rain fell fine in that initial day of spring. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Tony Parker and gain more knowledge.. The temperature had lowered a little, but it did not feel cold, it was pleasant and the place a little less put into motion, since the drizzle moves away a little the tourists who costumavam to crowd one of the places most famous of Italy at that time of the year. He looked at for the fontana - the said source of the desires - with a lost look in some distant horizon. He looked at the currencies whose consequences danced in the small whirlwind caused for gushing out of the chafariz and of the rain drops that played with the surface of the water. that whirlwind, there so subtle in the water, it filled each centimeter of its interior transtornado under that external semblante so pparently and perhaps cynically calm.

But inside of itself, all the climatic storms if rebelled and its feelings if they debated. It looked at for the currencies in its hands, it thought about the much order contradictory, and in the end when launching all in the source it only asked for that the whirlwind if calmed and that to the end of the week, when it returned to Brazil, it only had calmness inside of itself and everything was well. It was arisen and she continued its walked by the Piazza. Soon the sun would leave amongst clouds and fine rain would be would be only in the wet one of the soil. Soon, its particular whirlwind would be only one yellowish souvenir in the panteo of its daily experiences and thus it followed in front, resigned, as he happens when he does not have more hope. When the hope fails and everything that surplus is the resignation.

Average Education

These proposals had been presented to the legislative of the city that if considered in pledging itself in the question of the preservation of the local environment. In the same way these proposals form directed to the executive and too much involved agencies in question of the local environment. FINAL CONSIDERAE: When if it considered to work the subject separation of Mixtures with the educandos, exactly the work possessing an objective clearly, had been appearing new perspective investigations and of research and action. The most important in this everything is that they had been the educandos that had given to the developed work a more including character, something that was not limited to the classroom. The taken positions and conclusions had broken of the comments and constataes verified for them in set with the professor.

The city of Aragominas was perceived that although to be an just-emancipated city, it faces serious problems in relation to the preservation of waters of its patrimony. The streams that circulate the special city in the Jenipapo stream and of the Field, are practically deceased, therefore the amount of life in existing them was evidenced that, is well lesser that, for example, has two decades and this was proven through stories of inhabitants and for what was verified in these streams during the research. It was also observed that the problem of the possible contamination of these waters is well more complex of what it imagined, therefore if sorna to this the problem of the played garbage the sky opened in places without no program of control and worse, next to the stream bed to these streams. Perhaps one of the conclusions most important has been the fact of the educandos to have detected the lack of planning since the first managers of the city for the question of the garbage and pollution of the water, then of the environment and that the solution for the problem cannot be decided only by the public power, but, for a work in set with the community. It is given credit that by means of the investigations, questionings and positionings front to the problem of the considered water inside of the subject Separation of Mixtures, the educandos had been capable to develop and to construct of certain forms the knowledge, therefore, had started to possess a critical conscience of the way where they are inserted, beyond exerting its citizenship, contributing for the construction of a more democratic society inside of its social aspects of changes.

Peter Casting

cast large bells weighing from 130 to 160 tons, including the famous Tsar Bell weighing 200 tons Bronze Russian guns contain 7 - 11% tin, up to 2% zinc and 0.4 - 1% lead. For the bronze bell used with a high content of tin. So, bronze Tsar Bell contains 17.21% tin and 81.94% copper, the rest - the impurity. Great importance for the development of casting was, inter alia, the creation of Peterhof fountains with cast lead figures, made by Dutch and English masters. At the end of the first quarter of xviii century. orders for sculpture abroad declined significantly, as in St.

Petersburg began to cast the sculpture in lead in the workshops BKRastrelli and F. Vass, as well as on Vasilevsky Island in the workshops of the huts. Casting a golden. In the Summer the garden was a lead sculpture depicting Aesop and various animals - the characters Aesopian fables. Lead statues Peterhof fountains served until the early 30's. xviii century. By this time they are dilapidated and deformed. In Russia, the foundation of the Statutory casting was initiated in the first quarter of xviii century., In the reign of Peter I.

Then came the outstanding works of sculpture, cast in bronze. Technique of casting and in pre-Petrine times was relatively high, but then she found application mainly in the casting of guns, bells, in the applied decorative arts. In the casting technique of the time is largely dominated by the influence Italian masters, but from the xv century.

Mobile Phones Part 1

Currently, mobile phones have virtually everyone, and some of two or more. Now it is an integral part of life, without which the people have still quite tight, because the phone to make communication affordable as needed, not just at the moment when you are in the unit. As the famous saying goes, a holy place is never empty, and in our case, the location of telephone fraud is already taken. Unfortunately, very few think about the security of your phone. Part of this is an elementary misunderstanding of the situation, and partly because it is man's desire to set yourself for a bright future under the pretext that it's just people are not lucky, that's everything. And cases such units. Simply, people often do not tell what happened to them. Some of them are afraid of what will laugh at him, and someone is very upset that he was in such a situation, and hopes to recoup on the other.

In Anyway you should not expect that it will pass you a party, or rather we must prepare for the worst and then hope for the best. Let's start. Most primitive, but at the same time the most successful kind of deception is an attempt to impersonate the network operator or his representative. Everything is done by sending a text message or call from the number of the operator or a number that looks like him (although sometimes people are so gullible that it is not required). The problem is that many people do not realize that there is nothing complicated about to send a message or call, using someone else's number, and this despite the fact that many sites offer this service totally free.

Useful Tips On Painting

Learn to paint requires time and dedication. The paintings are more than just a hobby, are the expression of the human being through colors and techniques. We all have some art in our veins, is on us develop it through the different types of art that exist. This time, freelance writer Sara Martinez did not give you some tips on how to paint with property. Sara Martinez also writes articles on various topics of interest. Many wonder, and rightly so, if it is necessary to learn painting learn to draw. The answer is that if necessary, and even some would say indispensable. Vanessa Marcils opinions are not widely known. The charcoal pencil is the most recommended for kids because they enhance the drawing and allows better stroke also is not difficult to achieve.

A good exercise for all those just learning the secrets of the paintings is to make lines vertical, horizontal and diagonal without removing the stylus from the surface. This exercise should be performed using the whole arm and not simply moving wrist. In the paintings one must have consistency in sizes, for which visual education necessary to distinguish different proportions of objects drawn, especially if they are portraits of the human body. One of the most important painting is the use of color. No matter what type of technique or style is used, color can make a difference if used properly. Colors can convey much more than we think, even every color has different shades. Another good exercise is to mix colors to obtain compounds with greater or lesser extent.

Through the basic colors, blue, red and yellow can get a lot of colors and a multitude of hues. A simple way is to start in the paint with watercolors, the only drawback is that it is almost impossible to correct the errors because this style is very transparent and could modify the original color. A well-developed water color can become a true work of art. It is undeniable that watercolor is not considered as oils but this does not mean lower quality work if done with professionalism. The go beyond the technique, this artistic expression was created with the person depending on their abilities can reach perfect it. The are the jobs that have greater acceptance in the art lovers.

Material Handling Equipment

Predecessors trucks appeared very long ago, in the late 19th - early 20th century. In 1906 the Pennsylvania Railroad has presented an electric platform for moving luggage, and was used at railway stations. Modern loader came about in the 20s of last century by a number of European and American companies that were independent of development. Tangible impetus razvitiyaetoy industry has become first world war, labor shortages led to the fact that several European companies have begun to develop independent technology for loading and unloading operations. The forerunner of industrial forklifts a car Clark Equipment Company with which to transport the sand ..

The Second World powerfully accelerated the development of the production trucks, and primarily concerns the United States. U.S. firms supplied the U.S. army trucks after completion of the 2nd World War they continued to work in Europe and with the help of their rebuilding destroyed cities. These trucks have become legendary for its reliability and AC power.

After the war, there was growth Europe, and there was a particularly podm German economy is affected companies such as Jungheinrich, STILL GmbH, Linde, Steinbock less significant role in the development of trucks played Eastern producers. Among them were such manufacturers as VTA Kraft (GDR), Desta (Czechoslovakia), "Lions" (USSR) and 'Balkancar' (Bulgaria). In our country, loaders Balkancar appeared in the 50s. (Bulgaria), but soon appeared on the market Japanese loaders world-renowned companies la Japan. Shirokoispolzovalis loaders such corporations as Nissan, Komatsu, Hyster, Toyota., SCI, currently the world's trucks has been a tendency of integration and merger of manufacturers .. Top ten global manufacturers of forklift trucks is not One year led by such corporations as Toyota, Kion Group (brands Linde, STILL GmbH), Nacco Industries (brands Yale, Hyster,), Jungheinrich, Crown, Mitsubishi / Caterpillar, Komatsu, Nissan, Kalmar, TCM. In today's time, forklifts noticeably improved. Many companies pay producers of forklifts attention not only to function handlers, but also on the look!

Technological Advances

At the forefront of world science and technology are two main components. This - software development on the one hand and the development of robotic and automated equipment on the other. It is for these two areas are moving the advanced world of technology in virtually every sphere of human activity: whether it be manufacturing, finance, business, accounting, collecting and processing information, or simply a way of life. In business achieving STP is an indicator of the enterprise. Particularly highly valued in a developed country with a stable economy. Using the latest software developments (of course, licensed) and automated production costs are not small money. For more information see this site: Gold Investments.

If the founders of the company go to such costs - it perfectly describes them as modern businessmen, skilled entrepreneurs and civilized citizens. In Europe, America, Japan and other countries where land is very expensive resource, manufacturing, as such, presents a very selective basis. Cumbersome, labor-intensive, low-tech, environmentally harmful - it moved to the country Third World. But some types of production remained in their economic Rodina, despite the expensive rent of land, high staff salaries, difficulties with energy and many other adverse nuances. The owners of manufacturing companies to automate their most enterprises.

And constantly updates its technology park. The result can be solved very many problems. Using modern automated and robotic lines reduces the need for production space. This equipment is in most cases as compact as possible, as far as specifics of work permits. When the machines' work themselves, almost there is no need for people, except for staff.

Classes For Children Up To 2 Years

Activity is important for our kids to develop as a mental and physical. Well-planned activities are beneficial to child development. At the age of 2 years, the basics of reading, writing and shall be such that to arouse interest and curiosity. Activities should allow children to explore the world in its own way and use their imagination and creativity. Here are some activities for 2 year olds, who can be helpful in learning and child development in general.

Classes for 2-year-old children at home Hunting animals you will need: * Animal Toys * Paper and pen is one of the most interesting games for 2-year-olds at home. It is very like a treasure hunt. Invent a story that tells about various animals, and tell her child. Now assemble toys of all animals that have been in the history of the basket. Let your child will leave the room briefly, and you at this time hide the toys around the room.

Then write a list of all the animals that were in history, and ask your child to find and put in the basket of animal stories. Cross mark animals, to check whether all animals that were in history, the child found it and put in the basket. Baby charades you need: * Imagination * Creativity This game is like a charade, in which adults play, but more simplified. Emulate various animals and objects, let the child guesses what you're showing. You can also give clues to the child quickly find the answer, if it does not work for a long time, and then ask them to show anything. Another option is to simulate activities, let kids guess what it is about. This game allows the child to move when you have to guess. Before the game, explain to them the rule that there should be no talking. Kids will love to play this game. This may be one of the best lessons on a rainy day. Activity 2-year-olds at home Draw your finger you will need: * water * Colour ink sheet of paper * Arts and crafts will help your child use creativity and imagination. He or she will also learn to recognize colors. Give your child a blank sheet of paper and colored ink, and now let him play this game without rules. Such activities can keep the children busy for hours. Tell us about color, how and when they are used. This can help them create different images and some very light pieces such as trees, birds, hearts and flowers. Necessarily make sure the paint that are used are not toxic! It's been several studies for the 2-year-olds that can do at home, in kindergarten or playground. Parents can come up with games and activities in Depending on the interest of the child and his ability to learn, because each child has their own unique way of learning and understanding. Do not use force during these events, as this may deprive the interest game. Let your child happy during the training.

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